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Camping in Southern Queensland

Living in Southern Queensland and given my love of camping and the outdoors, it's a topic i often raise during many conversations. It's been interesting to note that so many people inspire to the whole camping concept, yet rarely ever go. Our back yard has 70km of shoreline which boasts some of the most popular surf breaks in the world. 51,000 acres of bush land, which is host to rainforests, waterfalls, mountain views and over 150 walking tracks. Throw in our smorgasbord of theme parks, glistening night life and picturesque dams, i pose the question 'why?' and the answers are all the same. Anyone who has been camping can sum this answer up in five words: ownership, transportation, assembly, dismantling and packing. Well let your imagination wonder for a few minutes and let me indulge you with what Pitched Perfect has to offer. 



When you arrive at your chosen campground or private location, your campsite is fully assembled and ready for use. You walk inside your large 5m Luxury Bell Tent to which it is fully decked out with furnishings, matting, towels, lighting e.c.t. Now this truly is the most effortless and ultimate way to start a camping trip. Apart from taking away the drama's and stress of setting everything up, it gives you more time for whatever your day may bring. When the sun goes down, the stars come out and the barbie cranks up, sitting around a campfire with family and friends toasting marshmellows whilst listening to your favourite tunes, it's the perfect way to end the day. Then when it's time to hit the hay you can immerse yourself in supreme comfort bedding so you can wake up fresh for your next day of adventure.....now this is living. With no intentions of diminishing your euphoria. Once your holiday is complete, simply pack up your personal belongings and leave, we will do all the rest for you. With many optional extra's available for hire, flexible payment options and secure online transactions through paypal i ask the question once again 'why? 

What Pitched Perfect has to offer

We at Pitched Perfect understand the importance of having choice, convenience and affordability. Which is why we have raised the bar when it comes to Luxury Camping. Not only do we have tent packages for hire, we give you the option of creating your own. Letting you chose the items that you want in your campsite. Not only that, you have the flexibility to hire any of these extra items anytime you choose. Right up until two weeks before your hire period commences (which is when all money is due), this is convenient for those that like to ponder. With the budget conscious in mind, we give you the option to either pay your tent package in full or in installments of four and five depending on the package. What makes this even more appealing is there is no set date when you have make these payments. Extra beds and nights (subject to availability) can be hired in the same way as the others. We aim to make your time away as affordable and hassle free as possible. So you can enjoy what our land has to offer in style and comfort. Check out our Recommended places to stay where we have carefully selected some of the best and award winning places to stay.